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Shaun Jones, a fellow Liverpool gym owner (Raise The Bar), has been YouTubing with the aim of educating people on how to avoid developing bad relationships with food and gaining unwanted body weight in the process – so we got him on the show.

Shaun’s a firm believer in finding happiness internally and not from external things but his view is that the game changes when you’re directly harming the body which carries you and destroying yourself internally.

Shaun says:

“Humans are not meant to be morbidly obese and we have a fat acceptance problem in western society today. We are glorifying obesity which is one of the leading causes of deaths in the U.S and the UK.

Obesity is the 2nd biggest cause of cancer here in the UK, yet is a problem which is completely preventable AND reversable.

The media is telling women to JUST BE HAPPY with what you got! But let’s face it, that doesn’t work! The REAL fact is, we all want to be healthy and to look and feel good.

So now men and women these days are conflicted with what to do. They want to get in shape and improve their health yet at the same time have the media and their social circles feeding into the problem by not telling them the truth.”

Before you listen to the show check out one of his recent videos…


Listen Now:

Disclaimer from Shaun: I have no problem with people’s choices to be overweight/unhealthy, I simply disagree with the claim that it’s fine and healthy to be overweight. I am not an advocate of bullying, body shaming or name calling. What I do believe in is telling people what they need to hear for their own benefit. Fat acceptance isn’t working. We need to take matters into our own hands.

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